Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive was just that...INTENSE!

The event itself was, as always, well-organized and tons of fun, with all minute details taken care of, great shows and scads of workshops. For my part, I barely had a chance to sit still...or even to sit down! It was non-stop from the moment I stepped on the plane to Vega$...and I did this all with a broken toe, having tripped over my suitcase while packing the night before I left, in a classic, typical "dancers are klutzes when off stage" moment!

The pro shows were just stellar- fantastic sound and lights and what an array of performances! I loved Malia Delapenia and her Dancers In Paradise and their crazy Geisha Fusion, Frank Farinaro blew me away as usual, and Rosa Noreen was so beautiful doing a classy Balady. I got a huge kick out of sharing a dressing room- not to mention the stage- with Leyla Amir and Jill Parker...we laughed and joked while waiting to take the stage. It was also so much fun to see old pals like Tanya Popovich, Sacha Biondi, Ahava, Delilah and House Of Tarab, and hang out with new ones- like Ruby Beh and Oregon-based dancer Fanina.

The debut of my costume line, Princess Farhana For King Of The Nile was amazing. Samira Tu'ala and stage manager Sandi Stewart had worked with me to set up three fashion shows during the weekend. It was incredible- on a personal as well as professional level- seeing my costumes on real live dancers, not mannequins! I seriously had to wipe away a tear of two of joy and disbelief. the belly dancers who modeled for me really brought it to the stage! Seeing famous dancers like Aradia trying on my costumes had me beaming, and luscious Vegas-based dancer Farasha ( also one of my models) bought a nude and red version of my Ghazal costume and wore it during her performance at the after-party...that was about as big of a compliment as I could have ever hoped for!

I am in awe of my partner Yaz Taleb , photographer Lena Marshall, and my "wing-woman" DeVilla for helping me to pull this off. I would also like to thank Belle and my model, dancer Liza Wolfe, for helping out in the booth all weekend.

You all RAQ!!!


Top to bottom:

My models and me in our booth at The Intensive: DeVilla in my "Warda" costume, Vahana in my "Amerah" costume, me, Farasha in my "Ghazal" costume, Etoile in a velvet class wear set of mine, Nynishka in my "Theda Bara" costume

Aradia of Las Vegas in my nude and red "Ghazal" costume, with double-layer reversible skirt

Festival director Samira Tu'ala modelling the personalized hip-scarf we gifted her- yes, it says "Samira" in Arabic...and you, too can order your name on a hip scarf!

Model Liza Wolfe in my "Warda" costume on the Vega$ $trip, around midnight


  1. Thank you for the mention, Princess! It was a joy to meet you in person and see you perform. And what a wonderful festival! Great vibe, well-organized, such a variety of teachers, performers and vendors. I'm a fan!