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Photo by Maharet Hughes

 Some people say dancing is just “a lifestyle”…I say it’s more than's life itself!  It's in the DNA! We  dancers are a distinctly different breed.  We are dancers foremost, and human beings  second. Sure, Whether you’re a performing professional , instructor or student,  dancers are not like everyone else!

In order to more fully research the “dance genome”, I’ve created a quiz. Get a pen and paper, and mark down the letter of the answer that best describes you:

1. You have a tough time differentiating between stage make up and every day make up. You use an inordinate amount of cosmetics no matter what, and frequently have to “tone it down” for daily  wear.…but you’re uncertain what that means or how to go about it!
a)  Every day make up?
b) This has never been a problem

2.You refuse to listen to music during a massage, because you start counting the beats and phrases
a) Huge problem…and I only listen to talk radio for the same reason!
b) What do you mean?

3. You seem to have pulled a network of muscles in your leg, shoulder or back… do you:
a) Ice the injury down for a few minutes, pop an anti-inflammatory and carry on with your day
b) Schedule a doctor visit immediately

4. You just met a new Special Someone… but  finding the  actual time to date is becoming frustrating.
a) What is this thing you call “dating”?
b) Are you crazy?

5. By some  sublime miracle of fate, you  have a gap in your weekend schedule; do you think to yourself:
 a)  Ahhh… so this is how the other half lives…uh, what should I do?
b) We all need some downtime!

6. Holidays mean nothing to you, because you’re always working or in class.
a) What, exactly, is a holiday?
b) Holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends

7. You own costumes and  ratty sweats… nothing in between!
a)  Sometimes I dream about going shopping for a cute little dress, but then I get my act together and go to class.
b) I practically live at the mall!

8.You can never find a bobby pin or safety pin, no matter how many packages you buy.
a) I know, right?
b) WTF is up with that?

9. You always wondered  what that phrase “dance like no one is watching” was supposed to  mean…
a) What does that mean?
b) I wish!

10. Your feet are constantly dirty and calloused:
a)  In another life, my feet will be pampered and perfect
b) Eeeew, gross!

11. Your  purse is always filled with essentials like band-aids, ibuprophen, Top-Stik, and false eyelashes
a) Oh, and  hair spray,  an Ace bandage, sewing kit, extra jewelry, and five lipsticks!
b) What the hell is Top-Stik?

12. You can always be located: just follow the trail of glitter!
a)  So true!
b) Isn’t glitter just…like… a “thing” for an eight-year-old girl’s  birthday party?

 Ok, time to total up the score:
 If you got mostly A answers- and I’m sure you did-  it’s clear you are one of us with the Super Powers!

If you got mostly B answers:
 Not sure how it’s possible you read this far…but thanks! See you at my next gig, I’ll come on out after the show and say hi!

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