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Once you start using false eyelashes on a regular basis as part of your stage make up, you’ll never look back! If there’s one product I couldn’t live without for stage shows, hands-down it’s false eyelashes. They make even the smallest eyes look huge, expressive, and super-sexy, and they lend an exotic, lovely doe-eyed look to anyone- of any age- who wears them.

I’m so addicted to my faux lashes, that every time I take them off after a show, I get a sad little hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach…and then when I put them on again for my next show, I heave a sigh of heartfelt relief and think to myself,

“ Now…there’s the face I know and love!”

There’s only one thing that’s better than wearing a great set of false eyelashes…and that’s stacking your lashes…wearing two sets at a time!

Stacking your lashes creates a really gorgeous look, and also appears a bit more dimensional and alluring than just one set of thick lashes, because the lashes have a bit more texture from the stacking, with all the individual hairs appearing very slightly uneven...and spectacular!

Stacking eyelashes can be done in many combinations, for a variety of different looks. You can easily stack two pairs of lashes that are the same size and thickness; use two short-ish pairs of lashes for a pumped up “natural” look (yeah, right!) Or use two longer, thicker pairs to recreate a really incredible late 1960’s-early 1970’s look, very “Valley Of The Dolls” and vixen-ish.

You can also stack a set of thicker and shorter lashes with a set of longer, wispier lashes, for an exotic effect. In this case, I’d stack the lashes with the longer lashes underneath the shorter pair, so you get the depth, lushness around the eye while the longer lashes flutter up delicately towards your eyebrow every time you bat those peepers!

If you are using fantasy lashes, such as any sort of the popular colored lashes that are available today, or those made from metallic Mylar, you may want to stack your lashes with a black or dark brown set beneath the fantasy lash, so that you get the crazy pop of color but still have a luxurious, dark frame of lashes around the eye itself.

Still another option is to just stack a portion of your lashes, using one full-band false eyelash for each eye, and then use a half or quarter of another lash, stacked only at the outside corner, for a cat-like flare or wing. Or, you can place just a few longer lashes directly in the middle of the eye, where the iris is when you look straight ahead. For these looks, I save the trimmings from every set of eyelashes I cut apart… and if you are an eyelash newbie and don’t know what I mean by this, keep on reading- it’ll be clear in a minute!

To stack your lashes, the first thing you will need to do is get two sets of eyelashes, and make sure to have a couple of extra pairs on hand also, in case you don’t get the hang of stacking right away.

Next, have a look at your lashes, and determine which are for the left eye, and which are for the right. Yes, eyelashes are made differently, with the smaller, shorter hairs meant for the inside corner of the eye. Next, trim each lash (at the outside or longer end) to fit your eyes. Some of us have narrow, almond-shaped eyes; others have eyes that are slightly rounder or extremely round in shape. False lashes are meant for everyone, so most are too long (on purpose) length-wise.

After you’ve trimmed the lashes, apply a thin band of glue to the base of the first set of lashes you’re using, and let it sit for at least 30 seconds – sometimes it might even be more like a full minute - until glue is tacky. The brand of the glue, the amount you put on the lash itself, or even the climate you’re in will determine how quickly the glue dries. I still remember one time when I was performing in Miami, and it was so humid, even in my air conditioned dressing room, that I thought the glue was never going to dry… and I was horrified to think I’d have to go on stage wearing only mascara!

One of the main reasons most gals have a problem with applying false eyelashes is that they try to stick the lashes on when they are too wet, which can result in slippage, or worse- actually gluing your eyelids together! This won’t hurt you or injure your eyes, it’ll just be a huge mess to clean up- you’ll probably have to clean everything off and start over. The other reason is that your false lashes may be too long for your eye-bed, so make sure to trim the lashes, and save the part you cut for future stacking.

As far as glue goes, I recommend using "DUO" glue in clear/white, it’s my favorite because it holds well and is the least irritating of any brand I've used. I also believe that using clear glue is better, because it dries invisibly…but many people prefer the dark-toned glue. If you use the dark-toned glue, it can make mistakes look very obvious, whereas the clear glue dries invisibly.

But no matter which type or color of glue you use, let the glue sit on the faux lashes and get pretty tacky, otherwise you may have a messy mishap! In fact, I think that the reason most women think falsies are difficult to apply is simply because they don’t let the glue set long enough!

When you are ready to apply your first set of lashes, sit them one at a time on your upper eyelids, just above your natural lash-line. Press down lightly in the middle first, and then tap the lash down lightly towards inner and outer corners. I do this with my fingers, but many make up artists use soft orangewood sticks -like the type you’d use to push back your cuticles- or even the (clean) end of a make up brush. After the lash is firmly in place, keep your eye closed for a moment, to let the glue take hold.

Now, it’s time to apply the second set of lashes. Whether you are using a full banded lash or just a portion of a lash at the outer edge, simply place your second set of lashes directly on top of the first pair- it’s that easy!

Some people prefer to stack the lashes first, and then apply the stacked set to the eyes, but I’ve found that I can get an easier and more accurate placement by stacking the lashes directly onto my eye.

When you want to remove the lashes, nine times out of ten, they will come off together, as one unit. Clean them by removing the dried glue, by picking it off with your finger, and then swabbing the lash with a Q-tip soaked in a bit of alcohol. Lay them in their case, and you’ll have a flirty stacked set all ready to use the next time you want to put them on…which I can assure you, will probably be for your very next event!

For detailed instruction on applying false eyelashes and creating a number of beautiful, exotic looks, check out my new DVD "Bombshell: Dramatic Make Up For The Stage, Photos And Glamourous Occasions With Princess Farhana & Devilla.

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Photo by Dusti Cunningham


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