Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello dear readers, I'm appealing to all of you dancers and dance fans near and far, to help out a grand dame of the dance.

Living legend Minnesota-based belly dance pioneer Cassandra Shore, is stuck in the wings temporarily due to an injury that is deteriorating, leaving her unable to dance, or live her day-to-day life, without debilitating pain.

Cassandra is suffering from osteoarthritis in her left hip. The cartilage in the hip socket is completely gone, and the bone is eroded and pitted. She cannot walk or sit without pain, let alone dance. The only way to alleviate this condition is a total hip replacement. Without this operation, Cassandra's condition will only worsen, until she is unable to walk.

For decades, Cassandra has been loved and respected by thousands for her talent, teaching skills, and knowledge, but she has not been able to share these unique gifts for much too long. Cassandra has been living with a condition in her left hip which limits her mobility and puts her in constant pain. Because of this worsening condition, she has only been able to teach her regular classes in Minneapolis sporadically over the past year and a half, and currently is unable to teach any dance classes, and she's had to pass up teaching workshops in the United States, Germany, Austria, and Spain.

Her students miss her. Her audiences miss her. On the off-chance that you don't know her or have never seen her, do this just to feel good about yourself, and know you have contributed to the arts!

Please donate whatever you can to the fund for Cassandra's surgery, here:

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