Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello Dear Readers,

It's been a while!

Since my last post I have been all over North America: to Tribal Fest in Northern California, to Fes-Tribal in Quebec City, and to Asheville North Carolina for ABS-Fest. I've popped a rib out-and had it put back in place- at Tribal Fest, been sawed in half AGAIN at ABS-Fest, taught a lot of workshops and generally danced up a storm. I was also CAUGHT in a storm...a big cloudburst over the walled city of Old Quebec... I got stuck with Atemis Mourat and Belladonna while sightseeing- but even though we got soaked to the skin, it was fun! And now I'm plunging headlong into a new project. This weekend, I am shooting an instructional stage-make-up DVD!

The DVD is called "Bombshell: Dramatic Make-up For The Stage, Photos And Glamorous Occasions", and is set for release in early fall 2011. I am collaborating on this with my long-time friend, dancer and professional Hollywood make-up artist Devilla. The DVD will be shot by Anthony Pedone and Dusti Cunningham, the man behind the very lovely photo of me at the top of this page. Believe me, these guys know what they are doing.

We featuring step-by-step instruction for everything from applying a flawless base to user-friendly false eyelash application. There will be entire sections on contouring, lips, beauty tools, and "the icing on the cake"- which includes different fantasy techniques for glitter, bindi's, and going wild with color. We are also featuring EIGHT different looks ( each of us is overseeing four looks) including Classic Smokey Eyes, a Retro Pin-Up look, Arabic Eyes, 1920's/Silent Star and MUCH more.

Devilla and I have been conceptualizing and brainstorming this project for well over a year. The models we are using are real women-and all dancers. The models also have wildly varying face shapes, eye-shapes, and very different features, and are of all ethnicities and all there will really will be something for everyone on this DVD.

We start shooting in two days, and I am so excited! Many of you have written to me and commented on my written make-up instructions, but i gotta tell you that this DVD will really take things to a new level.

Wish us luck with the shoot, and believe me... you will be the first to know when we are ready to take pre-orders for the DVD!

xxx Princess

Photo: Dusti Cunningham

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