Sunday, January 5, 2014


If you want to start the New Year off in a healthy way, the best thing you can do for yourself is to drink green juice.  At the risk of sounding like a preachy health nut, I gotta say that this practice  has really changed my life...and my body!

 I make my own and drink it every day. Drinking the homemade juice concoction  and staying well hydrated with water will  supply you with much-needed nutrients and antioxidants, make your skin glow with health, give you boundless energy and shiny hair, keep your muscles and tendons supple and dance-ready.

 Bottled green juice is available almost everywhere, but it’s expensive…and some brands masquerade as “healthy” but they’re actually loaded with sugar, and all the natural fiber of the veggies is lacking too. When I make my own juice, I don’t use a juicer. While these gadgets are great, I like to make a chunky smoothie because it  retains the nutrients and fiber of the fruits and veggies I mix into the batch. Not only that, many of them  are impossible to clean!

 I use a Nutri-Bullet ( my new favorite toy!)  which is a power mixer that has two different sized cups –including to-go tops- and two different blades as well. It’s super easy to clean, and once you’ve blended your smoothie you can pop on the to-go lid and head out to dance class.  If you don’t own a Nutri-Bullet,  don’t let that stop you! A regular blender will do just fine.  I used one for years, it’s just a little harder to clean and you have to churn it longer than the Nutri-Bullet.  But hey, it’ll serve it’s purpose.

 The juice recipe I’m about to give you will turn a sickly, almost fluorescent shade of green, but man oh man does it taste good! The texture is silky from the  banana, refreshing from the cucumber and celery, and sweet from the fruit.  It doesn’t in any way, shape of form taste bitter or “Good For You”, i.e. Gag Worthy.

 Here’s what you put your the blender- this makes enough juice/smoothie to drink all day long!

1/2  banana

 3 or 4 large handfuls of fresh kale

2 or 3 large handfuls of fresh spinach

½  small or medium sized zucchnini

¼  cucumber ( if the skin is waxed, peel it or cut it away)

 2 or 3 broccoli florets

 1 stalk celery, de-stringed

 ½ a medium sized  apple, cut into chunks

 1  small handful of  fresh or frozen pineapple chunks ( or about ¼ can of canned pineapple )

  Mix in  about a cup and a half of water…or water  mixed with  fresh or  store-bought orange juice, brewed and cooled green tea, or even almond milk or coconut water- your choice!

 Sometimes I add ( or substitute) fresh or frozen berries, orange or tangerine segments, chunks of mango or peaches. Once in a while, I’ll use a dollop or two  of Greek yoghurt.

You can also put a tablespoon of protein or greens powder into it- or both… or add chia seeds, flax seeds or ground cinnamon, they all have anti-oxidant properties!

 Blend well, drink up, and be well!


Design by Maharet Christina Hughes, Foreword by Artemis Mourat

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