Saturday, November 23, 2013


    BRRR…Winter is here!

 Ok, yes, I live in LA, and I’m  reasonably sure that all you dancers in colder climates are laughing at me, but it really is  winter in Hollywood!  But no matter where you live, there are  some things about our dance practice and presentation that  need to change when the seasons do.

During the winter, our skin gets dry from the cold and wind and also from indoor heating. Moisturizing is necessary, even more than I it is in warmer months.  I’m really into the new Vaseline Spray And Go Body Moisturizer- it’s an amazing product! It goes on smooth and doesn’t leave any residue, so you can spritz it on right outta the shower and then get dressed immediately! Comes in a nice variety of scents too, and they’re subtle, not cloying.

 As for facial moisturizers, I love Boots Protect And Perfect Intense Serum- I use it at night, it seeps right in and my skin feels so soft every morning. For daytime, I use Olay  Total Effects 7 In One Daily Moisturizer, which is really creamy but not oily…it feels light  and is great under make up.  There are tons of products you can buy, but an easy  ( and cheap!) home made scrub will do the trick, too. In a bowl, combine

About once or twice a week, I use  a scrub to exfoliate my face.  I sometimes joke that glitter is an exfoliant... but I like to make my own facial scrubs. There are tons of products you can buy, but an easy  ( and cheap!) home made scrub will do the trick, without causing irritation. In a bowl, combine 1 tablespoon of dry oatmeal with ¼ teaspoon of table salt- any kind will do. Add a teaspoon of water , or if your skin is very dry,  use olive oil instead. Rub it into your skin carefully with your fingers in circular motions, going upwards. Make sure not to drag or pull your skin. Then let the  paste sit on your face for about ten minutes, and rinse it off with tepid water.

  After this scrub, I apply  natural coconut oil  to my face. You can purchase a large bottle of coconut oil at any health food store- it’s great for cooking too. But when used on the skin, it draws moisture to you and seals it in, without leaving you feeling greasy and gross…plus it smells nice. I slather it all over my poor beat up feet at night, then slip on a pair of thick socks and I the morning, my feet look…well… almost presentable!  It’s also terrific as a natural make up remover.

As for winter time make up, one of the problems most of us have is that our summer tans are fading. Check the foundation you’ve been using to be sure that the shade still matches your skin tone. You might want to mix two colors together, so you can lighten or darken the current  color you are using to match your “new” seasonal skin tone. For pale  or fair gals, bronzer might be in order…and you can find great, inexpensive ones at the drug store! E.L.F  Studio Contouring Blush And Bronze is only about four bucks and comes in a wide variety of shades.  If you want to go a little higher-end, MAC Bronzing Powder is the bomb. For bronzers, make sure to use them sparingly, since you are no longer tan; take a large fluffy brush, and lightly go over the outside contours of your face: cheek bones, temples, jaw line, then fluff some across the bridge of your nose. This will give you a healthy and believable subtle sun-kissed glow, and extend  the remnants of your summer color.

 If your hair is looking dull and dirty, but it’s too damn cold to wash it as much as you do when it’s warmer, try a dry shampoo. Aveeno Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo works like a charm and is available at places like target, Walmart, CVS, etc. for under ten bucks. Also, in the winter static electricity is a problem for any type of hair, so think about using  a silicone smoother to prevent fly-aways. I really like  the John Frieda Collection  Frizz-Ease Hair Serum  but be forewarned- a little dab’ll do ya!

During the cooler months, be really anal about making sure your body is fully warmed up before you dance. You should be doing this any way, but in the winter, it’s absolutely imperative, because   dancing with cold muscles is basically a way of begging for an injury!  Be sure to dress in “classic dancer layers”- including a sweater or sweatshirt, leg warmers, that sort of thing.

During the winter, gals have to be really on top of our vitamin D intake.  Adequate amounts of vitamin D will help your body to perform to it’s fullest-  it’s great for our bones and it boosts the immune system…and of course, we need that for dancing! Vitamin D also keeps our mood up, and increases  morale.  During the spring and summer,  get a lot of vitamin D naturally from sunlight,  but  during the winter, because  of the longer nights and lesser amount of daylight hours, it’s a safe bet our D levels are decreased. 

 If you’re not already taking vitamin D supplements, ask your doctor  which dose  might be right for you. But you can also get  a nice  dose of vitamin  D  for breakfast!   I make a green smoothie every morning that’s bursting with vitamin D, and though it looks kinda scary, it’s really yummy!
Here’s what I throw in a blender:
A big handful  or two each of  raw spinach and raw kale
One  large stalk of celery
Half a small/medium cucumber, cut into chunks
Two or three large broccoli florets
 Half a large apple cut into slices
A banana
A cup and a half of orange juice
Two  or three heaping tablespoons  of plain Greek yoghurt ( I like Fage, but any brand will do as long as there’s no added sugar)

Blend well!

You’ll have enough for about three large drinks, so you can  have some later as a pick-me-up- in fact, I drink a big glass of this before gigging cause it gives me a huge energy boost, but without the jitters that come from caffeine or  “enhanced’ sports drinks like Red Bull. The apples , banana  and orange juice make it  sweet and wonderful. I’ve also used  a dash of coconut milk and frozen pineapple chunks  for a tropical flavor, or added in a heaping teaspoon of cinnamon  and a little more apple and it tastes just like apple pie a la mode! By the way, cinnamon is a natural anti-inflammatory.

   Now that I’ve given you this healthy recipe, drink  a big glass full on Christmas morning! 


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  1. Thanks for this! Do you have any thoughts on using bronzer on the abdomen, chest, and arms as well as the face, for gigs?

    The smoothie recipe sounds delicious!

    1. yes! Look in the archives, there's a post about body contouring and highlighting!!!! I use bronzer and highlighter on my body for performance!