Friday, April 17, 2009


Tomorrow, my tabby kittens will be exactly four weeks old!
Sphinxie is a GREAT mama, especially considering she was feral when she came to me. My boyfriend Dirty and I made a kitten condo out of three huge packing boxes, and the "Tabby Hooligans", as the are now known, live there, at the foot of my bed.The babies' eyes opened about two weeks ago and they are all strong and healthy and insanely active...and so damn cute you need a straight jacket and duct tape over your mouth to keep from screaming when you see them play! In the past week, they have learned to pounce, though they have such fat little tummies they usually wind up rolling onto their backs from gravity. The also do a super-fantastic "Halloween" pose, really ferocious spit, and are constantly wrestling with each other, and chasing a tiny ball. Their movements are so jerky they look like a vintage Mac Sennett short or turn-of-the-century newsreel, all comic and spastic. We are going to start the weaning process later this week, introducing them to soft kitten chow , and let them explore the house....which I've valiantly tried to "kitten-proof", though that's a gigantic chore with all the belly dance paraphenalia laying around. They will need total supervision!

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  1. I have chased my dog around trying to get the trim out of her mouth that I happen to need for a bra I was making.
    Minnie spit out Momma's trim please.
    It was fun?