Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Call me "Grandma"!

I am back from my mini-tour of the UK and the shows and workshops in Scotland and England were nothing short of wonderful…but more on the trip later, because the BIG news is…I AM A “GRANDMOTHER”!

Three days before I returned to the US, my kitty Sphinxie had babies- I was actually on the phone trans-Atlantic with my boyfriend Dirty when she went into labor.

In Los Angeles, it was the afternoon, but in the UK, of course , it was nine hours later. I was with my sponsor Charlotte Desorgher of Hipsinc. We were preparing to go to bed, after a full day of workshops, travel and a gourmet meal (with plenty of wine!) cooked by Charlotte’s doll of a husband Paul.

I was in a total panic, and a flurry of intense phone calls ensued- my boyfriend called me after each kitten was born, and I was frantically calling in between each birth to make sure all was well. Both Mama and kittens are all fine and doing great!

Funny, I was trying to “will” Sphinxie to have three kittens… and when I was in London, my Bulgarian friend Irina read my cards on my birthday. She read regular playing cards ( not Tarot) the way her grandmother had taught her as a child. The reading was spookily accurate, and when Irina asked if there was anything else I wanted to know, I asked how many kittens Sphinxie would have. Irina shuffled the cards, then made me pick one. It was the Three Of Spades!

Sphinxie indeed had three babies- each a tabby tiger, and in every tabby-pattern imaginable! She had the litter right on my bed, on a leopard fleece blanket, too, so it’s a symphony of animal-print, almost an optical illusion with all the stripes and spots and dots!

One baby is swirly like Sphinxie, with big whorls on the side of the belly; one has mackerel-tabby stripes, but each stripe is dotted, like a Bengal; and one has stripes on the sides and legs, and a big tabby Kiss/gene Simmons star pattern over the eyes!

They are now four days old, fat, healthy and growing by the minute!

I’m soooo happy!


  1. Yay for being a grandma!! They are sooooo cute!!!